In Acts chapter two we find the very important event of the Holy Spirit being given followed by the Apostles receiving the gift of tongues who then begun to speak in different languages and preached the Gospel to all the different nations that were present there that day. As a result the Church grew by three thousand people. This is the real purpose of speaking in tongues and all of the gifts for that matter. Also very significant is that the Apostles actually understood what they were saying and so they were instantly able to speak in other languages that they did not have to learn. God also gave the gift of interpretation as a second option so that one could translate a known language to one that the majority of others knew there who did not speak that particular language and not for what some think it is for today.

History reveals that it was in the year 1901 when a new type of tongues entered into the Church where one did not understand what they were saying. This incoherent speech never existed before this in the Church, which is supported by Church history and all the late great theologians that are used by most Pastors. Not only did these theologians never mention this, but they show all references to speaking in tongues in scripture to be that of known foreign languages only. So after 1901, many begun studying scripture to see what they could find to justify this new type of tongues. However, this is not the way it should be. It is our interpretation that needs to change if necessary to fit the Bible, not the Bible changed to fit our interpretation. There is in fact no example whatsoever given anywhere in the Bible of this type of incoherent tongues that just suddenly happened not that long ago. There are only assumptions.

The response of many and the most common assumption is usually 1 Corinthians 14:4 where Paul says if you speak in a tongue unknown to the others present then you edify yourself. This is the most common scripture that has been used since 1901 to backup what we see in the Church today. However, on closer examination of this passage we note that Paul is saying that he would rather that we prophesy as that edifies the Church but if we speak in a language unknown to those around us than you only edify yourself which is wrong. Paul was saying not to do this and so the use of this verse is a bad assumption or an attempt to make scripture fit what entered the Church just over a hundred years ago.

It should also be noted that these incoherent tongues as seen since 1901 is not uniquely Christian and has been found in many satanic cults all over the world that even predates Pentecost and this should obviously be of extreme concern. But those enticed by this inarticulate gift that is supposedly from God do not seem to be at all concerned. These tongues are also commonly referred to as ecstatic tongues and glossolalia.

If one asks those who practice speaking these unintelligible tongues to identify what scriptures in the Bible are referring to either speaking a known foreign language or what they now call a prayer language, other than the obvious of Acts chapter 2 which is unmistakable, most cannot tell you what verses are referring to which type of tongue. Why? Because speaking in tongues is only the ability to speak in another earthly language for the purpose of preaching the Gospel. Paul also specifically states that all the gifts of the spirit are for the profit of all and not for self-edification.Speaking in tongues counterfeit

We need to consider very carefully that the Bible reveals that Satan can counterfeit most things from God including the gifts of the Spirit. So what is Satan's counterfeit for the gift of tongues as seen at Pentecost? And what would be of more benefit to Satan? Speaking in a language where you understand what you are saying or incoherent speech where you have no idea what you are saying? Many claim that if we have the Holy Spirit then we cannot possibly be deceived, yet Jesus tells us the opposite and says that if possible that even the elect can be deceived. The Bible tells us to test all things but how does one test speaking in unintelligible tongues? It is in fact impossible to do so unless you are infallible or God.

There should also be no doubt that the priority of God is getting the Gospel message to the entire world, and yet today I have almost never heard of a single missionary receiving the gift of tongues as seen at Pentecost. However, in the Church today this incoherent speech seems to be available to almost everyone and this is not consistent with the character of God or Paul for that matter who states that we all get different gifts and that not all speak in tongues. Paul also said to covet the best gifts and yet almost everyone today covet these incoherent tongues that were only just recently founded in the Pentecostal movement by Charles Parham in Kansas 1901.

There is no doubt that something is seriously wrong with the issue of these incoherent tongues that were totally unknown to the early Church. But because there are many who lust after the gifts so intensely, it is preferable for some to not want to acknowledge the above information. Please continue with page two of the following comprehensive document if you would like to find the real Bible truth on speaking in tongues.

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